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REALTOR® Safety Tips

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REALTOR® Safety should be practiced everyday.
This is why NAR has provided "Weekly Safety Tips" and "Monthly Safety Articles." 
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Here are prevention tips that'll help you stay on the side of safety:
  1. Meet first time clients at your office.
  2. Leave word with someone at the office of where and with whom your appointments will be.
  3. If you accompany someone through a property, let the prospect lead the way. This will make it impossible for you to be cornered in a room or grabbed from behind.
  4. Conduct open houses with a partner.
  5. Be alert for behaviors that don't fit the pattern of a potential home buyer, such as checking the alarm system, doors or locks.
  6. Leave purses and expensive jewelry at home.
  7. Never leave keys in front-door locks.
  8. Always take your own car for showings. When you leave your car, lock it.
  9. Find out as much as you can about prospects, such as where they work, what they do, and how much they earn.
  10. Ask a lot of questions and be a good listener.

Source: NAR Public Affairs Division


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