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Earning Emeritus Status

Any person who has held membership in the National Association as a REALTOR®, REALTOR® ASSOCIATE, or a combination of both, for a cumulative period of 40 years in one or more Associations of REALTORS®, is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus Status. Upon approval by the Board of Directors of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, no further payment of dues is necessary to the National Association by the Member Association of which the REALTOR® Emeritus is a member.


South Dakota REALTOR® Emeritus Status Members

Congratulations to the following members for their continued support and faithful service to the REALTOR® Industry. These members have received the REALTOR® Emeritus status for their years of service with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Aberdeen Area Association of REALTORS®

  • Alan Hoerth
  • C. Scott Johnston
  • Raphael Mack
  • Milbert Mehlhoff

Black Hills Association of REALTORS®

  • Sylvia Conrad
  • Patrick Hall
  • Gene Hensley
  • David Kahler
  • Kenneth Kirkeby
  • Larry Lewis
  • Paula Lewis
  • Gilbert Raben
  • Terrance Rathbun
  • Karen Soderquist
  • John Sundby
  • Kathryn Sundby

East Central South Dakota REALTORS®

  • Scott Hodges

Mount Rushmore Area Association of REALTORS®

  • Jim Alcorn
  • Joe Jorgensen
  • Dennis McKay
  • Russell Wyatt

Northeast South Dakota Association of REALTORS®

  • Peggy Haugan
  • Geraldine Hoftiezer
  • Patrick Mahowald

REALTOR® Association of the Sioux Empire

  • Patrick Beckman
  • Karen Dunham
  • Kenneth Dunlap
  • John Egan
  • David Eastman
  • Tom Garry
  • William Hegg
  • Alan Johnson
  • David Kerkhove
  • Daniel Koch
  • Jeffrey Nelson
  • Ted Thoms