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As part of the National REALTOR BENEFITS® PROGRAM you have access to savings and special offers from more than 30 carefully selected, industry-leading companies. From supplemental health insurance to marketing resources to technology, as a national member you can save on products and services you need to succeed in the business.  See the 2019 REALTOR Benefits Program Brochure.

The REALTOR® STORE is an additional resource to help make your real estate business a success. You’ll find a diverse array of products and educational publications catering to the needs of all NAR members; from the seasoned professional to the new agent.

Access to Invaluable Resources through SD REALTORS®

Joining the South Dakota Association of REALTORS® is one of the best business investments you can make! We work hard to give you value for your dollar by offering programs, products, and services that directly impact your ability to succeed in business with integrity and competence. We strive to keep you, the REALTOR®, central to the real estate transaction. As a REALTOR® you have access to a wealth of resources, products and services but most importantly you’re part of an organization known for its professionalism in real estate.

On our website, you will find the most current information and opportunities to exchange ideas facing you in the real estate industry as well as education events. It provides important industry news and resources.

The REALTOR® Image is vital to distinguishing a REALTOR® from just a real estate licensee and SDR monitors the Trademark “REALTOR” by virtue of membership, ONLY REALTORS® are licensed to use the REALTOR® Trademark. SDR protects the integrity of trademark use and ensures that only our members use it.

Today there’s no room for surprises in business. You have to be prepared for challenges to come so you can manage them. SDR helps identify those challenges for members, and helps you anticipate and organize ways to overcome them. A variety of programs and services – both tangible and intangible – are working on your behalf. You need exposure to information, knowledge and resources in today’s fast-paced world to be more successful as a real estate professional. When you wear the REALTOR® logo, you join over a million members of the local, state, and national family of real estate professionals in partnership. The South Dakota Association of REALTORS®, with its member base of approximately 1900, is committed to your success.